Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm gunna be a supermodel

It's November 1st, so here's the enevitable "what I wore on Halloween" post. Y'all knew it was coming. As with most people's Halloween costumes, mine came together at the last minute. My first idea came to be about a month ago... well, maybe I'll just show you before I go any furthur...
I had the idea to be Cher from Clueless, but after many thrift store rummaging and eBay searching it was looking pretty impossible to find a yellow plaid skirt and matching blazer (it HAD to be that outfit). Then one day, after searching a new combonation of "plaid" "jacket" "skirt" "yellow" etc on eBay I FINALLY found something that just might work. I ordered it in a heartbeat barely skimming the description, and when I got it in the mail I realized it was waaaaaay too small! My mom and I figured we could add some fabric inserts from the scrap cloth left after shortening the skirt, and it turned out perfectly! So happy it all came together!
Suit - eBay, cardigan - thrifted, shoes - thrifted, socks and tshirt from my closet.
As you can see, I even had the furry backpack!Whipped it up out of a stuffed animal lamb, the poor thing! Whatever, a costume this good must require animal sacrifice.

So through all this stressing about whether or not I'd be able to find a plaid suit for my Cher costume, I decided to put together a backup look just incase it didn't work out. I wanted to be able to use my blonde hair to it's fullest... so who is someone blonde, recognizable, and someone I love and use every chance I get to dress like her? I think you know where I'm going with this:
I loved that this costume cost next to nothing. All I did was buy a very long (and cheap) wig and cut it in half, and attach the two chunks of wig to my real hair. I had a fake bang I bought on eBay way back when I had brown hair still, so I just took it and dyed it black (search wig dying on google, super easy technique!). I made the skirt in about 15 minutes out of an old dance costume, cut the crotch and feet out of a pair of tights as my top, and threw on my stipper boots and out the door I went! (Warning: major boobage below!)
And of course, I had to create a good set of falsies for the occasion.
There you have it, my Halloween looks. My favourite part of Halloween is seeing everyone's original costume ideas, and I want to hear about all of yours! Tell me what you were, I'd love to know!


Raez said...

HOT DAMN WOMAN! Love the double outfit changes, both were amazing. Personally loved your gaga costume, but Bryce and I both agree your Cher costume deserves an award too!


fritha louise said...

Both of these are AMAZING, but I especially love the Cher costume. You are a genius Kylie.

lucylu. said...

CHER?! that is the coolest costume ever. I love it. even the gaga one is completely amazing, and it was only a back up?!


themilkclub said...

oh my goddd so amazing!! ; ___ ; You really do get things spot on, so impressive~ and your gaga makeup especially is insanely perfect, you got it so symmetrical and neat :)

Magnet said...

Hooolay shit man. The lady gaga costume.. damn! I don't even like her but you look REALLY good, much better than gaga herself imo. The eye make up is incredible and turning tights into a top, such a good idea!! The Cher outfit looked really cute too.

Anyway, THANK YOU for the extremely nice comment on my blog. It's very flattering and exciting to learn that I have freaking awesome readers such as yourself :)

Katrina, said...

Amazing! You`re very creative to have come up with two costume ideas and executed them so well! Brilliant! >'.'<

Style fairy said...

You look amazing as gaga Kylie and I think both costumes are brilliant. Your really original. I never would of thought of being Cher!!! I was a dead doll for halloween :)~from catherine a.k.a the style fairy~

Isabel said...

Oh my god, SO GOOD! I'm honestly freaking out over the Cher costume, it's entirely perfect!

Ethan Cox said...

OHMYGOD that Mugler Lady Gaga costume is PERFECTION! I was Lady Gaga this Halloween too (pics on my blog) but mine wasn't any where near half as good as yours! Love it :)

Jen said...

BOTH are fucking amazing OMG!!


Andrew said...


glad I got to spend it w/ u this year

u rock dont ever change

Olivia said...

WOW ! How awesome !
Best costume everr !

alix said...

your cher costume is the best I've ever seen. fullstop.

Hannah-Rose said...

Your halloween costumes are the best ever! thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment too!


Polly Landau-Leigh said...

The gaga outfit is amazing!

love xx

Peps said...

Great outfits. I especially like the idea of dressing up as Cher!

I dressed up as a 90's Swedish popstar Leila K because she's my idol :) Here you can see the outfit http://plasticbagmind.blogspot.com/2011/10/abracadabra-me-say-open-sesame.html

Poppy said...

You always make the best costumes!! when I saw the cher pictures and the words halloween costume I was arr arr is she gonna do it? then yes THAT yellow blazer is amazing,ps if you ever don;t want it you know where i am.gaga is also great too xx

indigofreeman said...

When I saw you tweet your Gaga costume I was like, NO WAY THAT'S JUST GAGA! On further inspection I couldn't believe it was you! SO AMAZING!!


Lidiya said...

You look fabulous in both costumes but I must say I adore your Cher look, Clueless is such a funny movie <3

selinaoolala said...

oh my GOD woah WOW you as Cher is AMAZING! when browsing a gazillion fashion blogs at a time it's not often you stop and are like woaaaaah but this is the best thing i've ever seen - you costume is fantastic!! and then i scrolled down to the lady gaga one - holy hell amazing, AMAZING!xxx

Jazzabelle said...

i absolutely adore both of your outfits, you look incredible! the cher outfit is lovely, oh how i love clueless! your gaga outfit is amazing too, you actually look like her in the first shot!

i do hope you are okay!


Taj said...

OMG!!!! BOTH OF THESE ARE JUST SHEER PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taj said...

And it totally doesn't hurt that you look exactly like Lady Gaga anyway!!

swanntastic said...

GREAT costumes! I'm glad you found your costume goodies finally. You said your Gaga costume was a backup... did you get to wear it out anywhere?! It's really amazing!!


Chantelle Thomas said...

Your costumes are absolutely amazing. Love your gaga makeup!! x

Alexandra said...

such a good idea for a halloween costume! I love that film!



mirrorandmoon said...

Both those costumes are amazing!!!
I can't believe how perfect you got the Cher costume!


Vale ♥ said...

Both the costumes were absolutely brilliant ! Perfect ! I like your style, been reading your blog a bit and I fell in love with your vanity...what a mirror, what a pretty idea !
You're invited to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway !
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Michele said...

These are both magnificent! I had to look a second time because I actually thought you were Gaga. Hot girl! <3

sight said...

Cher! WOOOooW, you look amazing, I'm having 90's flashbacks, brilliant looks!!!!

Acne Treatment Reviews said...

You are a chameleon. I thought it was still Alicia Silverstone at the bottom. You really got the talent.

Sarah Et Paris said...

LOVEE THIS POST!!!!! Movies are so inspiring, such a fun and beautiful are. you totally nailed the clueless look, i always wanted to make a collection inspire by clueless and the heathers! please keep the movie inspirations going, i love it!

I'm your new follower :)

Justalazymorning said...

so cute !!
love this post!

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

gaaah you're so cute ! love your halloween costume ^^

Hybrid Hunter said...

I love your blog! LOVE the Cher costume, that is like so totally my favorite movie :)

Hybrid Hunter

Bella said...

HOLY SHIT YOU LOOK JUST LIKE GAGA. Bravo. Seriously...you are a fabulous person.

Wends said...

I LOVE IT. hey have you considered kreayshawn oh my god, you'd look just like her!!

sick blog, hope you visit sometime lady



Charlotte said...

i love your gaga outfit!!!! xxx

Ina said...

Idk if it's just me, but I've ALWAYS thought you resembled Lady Gaga, even before this post! AWESOME POSSUM

!♥ MIMI said...

Your costumes were both amazing :O Gives me inspiration and motivation to dress up a lot more for next Halloween. I was Black Swan this year but really all I did was slather tons of makeup on, wear a tutu and bodysuit and called it a day.

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John said...

AWESOME!!! That's all i can say!!!

lilyfm said...

Oh my goodness, you literally are Cher! It's perfect!

Lots of Love,

Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

Irvina said...

love it! :D

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Real Queen of Horror said...

Possibly the best costumes ever!

Vogue Sky said...

Its so glory and fresh! A really beautiful look

Birdie wears a tie said...

wait. the second gaga picture. is that you or lady gaga?
By tha way, the best costume EVER!


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Jenna H. said...

Amazing costumes!!!!! Wow!
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