Thursday, October 13, 2011

I want you to notice when I'm not around

It's that time again. Time for an iPhone outfit shot post! Also known as an I have nothing better to blog about so here are some grainy pictures of me with messy rooms and vaccum cleaners in the background... post. I hope you guys like these because I happen to like them a lot.
This is where blogging gets REAL. And by that I mean minimal makeup, tired eyes, just spent the whole day studying and errand running REAL. I mean, I read blogs to get a more personal take on style so I like them to be imperfect. Then again I also love magazines for their glossy fakeness and fantasy. So many "big blogs" out there tend to get their popularity from their over-polished, designer sporting quality. Which is totally FINE (I do like these blogs too!) but for me it kind of defeats the purpose of blogs as an honest diary-type outlet, as well as a medium where all types of people and styles can be represented. A lot of people stick up their noses at blogs that don't have ultra proffesional or perfect pictures... but, I mean, not all of us are trying to be photographers! That's what blogs are for! It's a place where people can showcase their style without HAVING to be proffesional if they don't want to be... I dunno, maybe it's just me who feels this way.
Back to clothes. So here's what I've been wearing lately:
outfit3Outfit is all thrifted
I realized I've been wearing a lot of (and by that I mean, like, 6 days a week) button up shirts for fall. I'm getting a bit obsessed.
outfit1 Very old Urban Outfitters moto jacket, H&M tie up shirt, thifted circle skirt, Urban outfitters stiped tights, H&M booties.
I love these tights, and although making them look not so witchy isn't always easy I think I pulled it off pretty well here. If you're wondering how much fashion acceptance there is here in Winnipeg, let's just say this outfit got multiple stares at the grocery store. I know, I don't get it either. outfit2
DIY studded vest, thirfted 90's mini, thigh high socks from God knows where, thifted creepers.
Found this spotty mini dress at VV on half off day and I couldn't resist. I felt like a teenager again in this outfit, and I gotta say I kind of loved it.
Shout out to my favourite style bloggers who are keeping it REAL, my girls Marlena, Selina, Isabel, Elizabeth, and Gem just to name a few. Here's to seeing more real girls and guys in the blogosphere!


amalie said...

great outfits! love your first jacket xx

Stefanie said...

Totes agree about the keepin it real thing; I remember the first time I ever found Susie Bubble when she still took really grainy mirror pictures and nobody really knew who she was and I fell in love! I miss that ~beginner diy feel~ of fashion blogs of yore so I'm glad you're doing a back to basics thang.

Peacock's Hat said...

I don't think my blog is ever going to look like one of those 'professional' ones; basically because even with a tripod I still can't pose decently, so just stare at my feet in my (christened so by my friend) 'Romanian orphan' pose. And I always have crappy light and when they are taken inside the room is always messy. Always. I'm pretty sure there are photos of my uni room that have shoes, a shopping bag and loo roll in the background. And its only ever me rambling on about my fairly mediocre life. Nice to know someone appreciates it!
I know exactly what you mean about small town staring. A few years ago in Plymouth, someone shouted at me in the street, 'What are those?' when I was wearing flourescent pink leggings. But ha ha, few years later and you're all wearing them, cylical fashion WIN.
I love the last outfit. Also, your blonde looks so lovely and soft and not orange at all. I wish I could get rid of my slightly ratty ends.
I don't know why this is so bloody long. Apologies.

BuzyGurl said...

I have to agree with you . A lot of people claim to keep it real. Its funny I end up cleaning and making sure everything is neat before I take any pictures. I totally respect you for your "realness" . Keep it up , you have something really cool and different going here.


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

yes i agree! there is something really addicting about "real" posts. the non-try-hard coolness effect is has, that makes you just want to see more and more. Ive been taking a lot more "real" shots lately bc im just too busy/lazy to do anything special. plus i find a great outfit doesn't need any special editing and fancy effects. But i still love to do fun photo shoots, its my way of unwinding.....weird.Loving the rosary and plaid combo in the first pic.


Isabel said...

Ahhh, you are my hero! Button up shirt are pretty much all I wear these days and holy crap, I totally agree ith you that blogs are supposed to be this democratic medium but the ones that "rise to the top" are all about pro photos and lots of cash dollazz.

I mean, not to get catty, but DID YOU SEE THIS??

Why the hell are you, me and Andrew not in this thing??

Andrew said...

yeah man I'm on ya with the keepin it real boat
it's so unrealistic to try to plan these elaborate photoshoots just to show off an outfit

I am lacking good lighting and big mirrors in my house so this style is a no-go.. I would post much more if I could though!

And Isabel, it seems like most of these blogs (with the exception of a few) are just catering to the "general blogger style." Don't get me wrong, most look NICE, but it's nothing new and nothing exciting. Ohhhhh weeeeelll.

Staying on your "not being catty but lets be catty... there is a blog called :S lol

Katrina, said...

Never thought I would see a blogger talk about REALness like you, Thank You! It actually annoys me when I see an amazing blog, made by an amazing person with amazing style with no frikin followers just because the pictures a bit grainy. I mean come on! Really? When did fashion stop being about the clothes?!

Kylie said...

Isabel and Andrew:
WOW at that list. Not only have I not even heard of any of these people, but yeah... snooze. My mom has a subscription to LouLou and they have a blogger feature every issue and this is the kind of people they choose too. Just very... safe.

I love all of your comments everyone! It's interesting to hear I'm not the only one who thinks like this! Love you all

Isabelle said...

you're definitely right with the grainy photos. these photos are my favourite type!
love your red shirt & your eyebrows are fantastic!

christina said...

aww! the second one! the second one!
i would totally wear that myself (take that as a huge compliment! ;) no, really, i am extremely picky about clothes)
(and i really like the witchiness in that one.)

Isabel said...

LOL at At least he chose another name for the 'title' of his blog. AND he's going to LG Fashion Week! Maybe he'll say 'hi'?

lady liquor vintage. said...

love the second & third outfits! the stripe tights are so good!


Renee Revolution said...

I love the idea of keeping a blog real. It helps one remember that the person writing it is an actual human and not some sort of robot!

I love that studded denim vest; I saw it in a post a while back and it inspired me to make my own!

Did you ever get any Halloween costume ideas? I meant to reply to your reply to my comment ages ago but I have been running around like a mad woman!

Kylie said...

Renee: yes I thought of a costume and bulk of it is being shipped to me right now! It's not super crazy or anything but I'm pretty excited about it :)
Also I'd love to see your vest!

selinaoolala said...

LOVE these kinds of posts, I find it hard to image most of the outfits in railway shots taken by boyfriend actually out in real life on real errands! this reminds me of how blogging used to be :D

megan said...

button up shirts are the best, they are good for any season! love every outfit but the last one is especially cute.


Polly said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the whole blogging thing! I think it kind of defeats the purpose if things are too edited... almost like a false representation!
Love your outfits, especially the first!

Hadera Burki said...

Cute outfits especially the first!

tanya said...

love what you wrote about keeping it REAL in the blogosphere. it's why i love reading your blog so much :)

fritha louise said...

I love all your outfits as usual. Especially the tartan jacket and the last outfit with the mini dress and otk socks.

Michele said...

I've always admired your blog and your writing for your REALNESS. And I think you word it very well. It is a shame though, that people look down upon certain blogs because the pictures aren't SUPER PROFESSIONAL, but then again, those probably aren't the people I would want to reach out to anyway, so whatever. You look so great with blonde hair! And I love the creepers and thigh highs, so badass! <3 XXX

Poppy said...

hehe loving the vacum cleaner and that tartan blazer is amazing.I know what you mean about the fake why do people's blogs have to look so amazing but I always feel mine looks so rubbish becuase yes I took the pictures in my room ,not in some urban background or like a a wood and not with my super duper camera but a crappy digital one but whose to say that makes my blog any less good than someone elses x

dunia kecil indi said...

i love them all! you look so great <3

Anonymous said...

Always stay real and true to yourself. Love all your looks... love the vest in the last one. xoxDominica

Magnet said...

I'm all for the 'real' blogs, meh, I prefer them over something like anyday... no offence to Rumi, but I don't think her style is that amazing anyway. Ha I must sound kind of hypocritical considering I edit almost all the images on my blog but that's because I'm a graphic design student and I can't help but go crazy in photoshop once I'm there. It's extremely hard to resist. I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much I love your hair but I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! I have the same 'witch' like tights btw :) and one last thing, I'm also obsessed with button up shirts. I kind of have a collection of them now, they are amazing.

Claire said...

I totally know what you mean about "fashion acceptance" in Winnipeg. In general I find the people very judgmental, but you kind of just have to ignore and embrace the stares!
Love all your outfits! Especially the first one with the blazer.

Ella Victoria said...

love these!!


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J n Nty said...

Love the outfits cute

Sheer Elegance said...

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Low Couture said...

I live in NYC - but before I was in rural Ohio. I kind of miss dressing crazy around super normal people. Like going to strip malls in my Michael Alig platforms. SIGH the good old dayz

x Peter @

Anonymous said...

You are fat and ugly!!!!

Fashion Allure said...

Love how you styled this outfit!!!!

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