Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Middle of nowhere

I love how different this outfit is from the last post just two weeks ago. Cutoff shorts and jelly sandals are now securely tucked away untill next summer as now we're fully entering fall mode, back to school vibes and all. Uni started Thursday of last week, but let's just call this my back to school outfit that I wore the 3rd day into classes (gotta ease into it, right?).

Sweatshirt - Aritzia, collared shirt - old from Le Chateau, assorted necklaced, H&M jeans, thrifted creepers.
It's kind of funny I didn't even realize I was wearing an all-black outfit untill about the middle of the day. I guess I'm just immune to my own darkness (wow that would be an awesome song title, hehe).
I kept the sweatshirt on all day over the collared one for obvious reasons (cold, visible bra, wrinkly, etc), but I just wanted to show this shirt for a second. I've been looking for a sleeveless collared shirt for a while with no luck, so to tie me over untill I find one I took an old shirt I don't wear and cut off the sleeves. This is the closest thing to a DIY I've done in months, I don't know what's wrong with me!
Even if my DIYs are lacking creativity, you know you can always rely on my nails to get a little freaky. My latest creation involves painting half the nail with a black crackle polish, then painting over the tips with a solid colour to get this piecey gradient effect. PLUS since your using a cracle polish then painting over it you get this cool texture on the tips of your nails in contrast to the smooth shiny polish it fades into.
I think these nails would look so good for Halloween too, with a red, orange, or even white base underneath! Speaking of Halloween, is anyone else starting to panic about not having costume ideas??

Oh, and you may have noticed something new in my outfit photos. My new vanity!
In my room I have a desk that I usually have all my makeup and things on, but it gets really cluttered with junk and I want to actually be able to work on it. So for my end-of-summer goal I wanted to find a vanity, which turned into a mission to create a full-fledged dressing mirror complete with lights all around! I've always wanted to have a mirror like this, and after some searching around online I realized I could make one just by wiring two bathroom light strips together and putting a mirror in the middle! I found the little table on a lucky hunt at Goodwill and scored it for less than $20! I painted it and attached some new handles and it's as good as new. Lastly, I found the little chair at an antique store for just $25! I think it all came together perfectly I am just in love with it.
Warning: I've become obsessed with taking pictures of myself in the lighted mirror (proof via my instagram)... just to warn you!

Note to self: get roots done


Jen said...

cool table, love your nails and outfit.

J x

Renee Revolution said...

Oh wow, your vanity is awesome! And it's even more awesome that you put it together yourself.

I think I have the opposite Halloween problem; I have too many ideas! I'm trying to put together two costumes right now. I hope you come up with a marvelous idea!

Andrew said...

it's crazy to see the vanity up and going after all the searching we did! Looks great, though!! The lights really make it that much more special.

fuck this weather too. I'M NOT READY!!

artisthecure said...

oh WOW how amaze is your whole room! jealous!.x

Mischell double W said...

like like like!! gorgeous!

Larissa Blintz said...

your vanity is insanely beautiful, i am so jealous ahaha. the whole 'immune to my own darkness' situation happens to me aaaaall the time!! on casual days i will wear almost all black and not even realize it until i either get a question or i am bored. please post more often too! i really enjoy all your looks and adore the way you write, so it'd be the best if you posted like once a week or once in two weeks :x

kaeleighjoy said...

The lights are ingenious.

And your roots aren't too bad, gives some depth to your hair?

I'm glad I can say that TB AND N&S are back.


I wear really similar outfits to uni! I love all of it. Your nails too~ I can't believe you DIY'd the vanity mirror and the table all yourself ;u; your DIY skills are so diverse, I'm really inspired! I'm refurnishing my room now so I think I might give your vanity idea a shot : )
p.s. you need to post more~!

ELIXE said...

they look so good like this.
Maybe it's because it's tied up but it looks grrrrreat (-tony the tiger)

Aurélie m0851 said...

I love the effect on your nails !

Violet said...

well i hope you keep taking pictures in lighted mirrors because you look great. i never thought to diy my button up for a sleeveless one but then agian i dont have many button ups lol. cant believe you found that chair for 25 its perfect. your just a diy queen arent you? lol

Vi from Cali

The Other Sister of Death said...

Whohoo, love those jeans and your creepers!!

And no, since I'm absolutely crazy about Halloween I usually know months before what I'm gonna wear.. :-)

This year it's gonna be Alex from A Clockwork Orange!
A bit lame, I know, but I love the book/movie and it's something that doesn't require a lot of planning.


Poppy said...

thats such a good idea.It's really bad but the last couple weeks I've been hating the summer and being hot-sunny ect just because I want to go around wearing jeans and my comfy oversize jumper - is that so wrong? x

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The Other Sister of Death said...

Re to Halloween costumes:

You might try Medusa! Wear a greek gown (or just an adjusted bedsheet that is.. ;-) ) braid your hair heidi style, spray it with some greenish-gray colour and put lots of plastic snakes in it! And maybe some red contact lenses, for the evil look! Haha.

I usually dress as movie / book characters. Like Magenta from the Rocky Horror Show (which might be tricky - most people thought I was just a "sexy servant".. idiots. haha.) or Wednesday Adams or Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and stuff like that!

If I can come up with some more ideas soon, I'll let you know! ;-)

Daphne said...

I love your vintage seat and grey make-up table. Your make-up looks lovely as well:)

Pashupati said...

I had ideas for Halloween in September... Now I don't have any idea with the clothes and stuffs I own that won't look like what I habitually wear.
Maybe I should dress up as some creepy version of myself, but wouldn't that be narcissism? NO! Not if it's my creepy mirror twin sister that took possession of my life!

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