Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As she takes on half the world

I wasn't really planning on posting today but there's just something I'm way too excited about not too share. I know eeeeeeeverybody and their Grandma has one, but now I too have my very own Zana Bayne harness!!!!!!
Yeah that's right, so excited I didn't even get a chance to put on makeup or set up a proper camera before taking a million webcam pictures. I haven't bought a new leather item --no shoes, jackets, accesories, ANYTHING-- in about 3 years (if you read my food blog, you'll know I'm a strict vegetarian) so you know it's something special when I break my leather ban. Zana's pieces are handmade, well constructed, and just so special... so I feel it's a justified purchase.
I opted for the necklace version, in raw leather. I mean, I plan on getting milage out of this thing, and the fact that it qualifies as jewelry means this bad boy doubles as clubwear AND casual attire. Can't wait to wear it around campus!

I never post music but I'm just really feeling this song, and of course the outfits and hair are to die for. It's so me today.



so awesome! i still dont have one but it looks great, cant wait to see it w/more outfits!

Andrew said...

ugh such a good choice
the possibilites for this are ENDLESS

can't wait to see how you style it
also looking forward to seeing it in the next 10 posts on your blog ;)

ELIXE said...

K im dead serious when i say i was going to tweet you today to see if you got your harness yet.

and flawless choice.
i repeat what i said about you being the best dress girl at your uni

InBetterTaste said...

SUCH a good song!

Raffles Bizarre said...

Wow that is cool, so unusual! You'll be getting some compliments on that bad boy!

Polly said...

Love the harness, I need one soooo badly!

artisthecure said...

such good brows! thanks for the lovely comment btw!.x

death_sexxx said...

I want a bit of zana genius!! look awesome love!

Poppy said...

thanks for your comment I'm glad you like my video .That is quite cool and loving the fluffy hair in the video. xx

ps- my friend with the cool hair = http://notanotherfashionistablog.blogspot.com/

Ayieh said...

Wow your body harness looks fierce eh!! Love it to bits!!!

Nice blog you have, btw...a new follower here...nice to know that there are fellow fashion-inclined bloggers in Peg...hope to meet you soon!!!


Don't Think Twice said...

love that soooooong!♥
and your hair is awesome!


xoxo dearr! :)

margarita ts said...

it's amazing!
great song!

Magnet said...

aaah, sigh, looking at all the bloggers with a harness by zana makes me depressed. I've wanted one for soo long, maybe I'll get enough cash on my 21st to buy one. Your hair looks sooo lovely btw. Oh and the jesus and mary chain make some great music.

gwen said...

WOA! I love that harness! IT IS AMAZING! And I love the hair on the guys in the video... I wish MY hair looked like that!

love, GWEN

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

uhhmm....totally jeallin bout this harness right here. I literally visit their website once a week just to gawk over their harnesses. You are so lucky to own one! :)


Kevina said...

More outfit posts with your harness! The public demands it. I love that you do outfit posts regularly; so many bloggers just post photos from magazines or the internet and it gets super boring.

Emma said...

My grandma would be significantly cooler if she owned a Zana Bayne harness. Anyways, you look awesome!

Mat said...

quality song that

Meesh said...

wow i can't agree with you more. i feel so pressured to have wonderful pictures for my blog to get me notices. but i can't afford a super nice dslr!

blogs should be about expression, not a competition. i love you for this post! definitely following you my dear <3




NJJ said...

wow awesome blog, amazing style <333 man I love The Jesus and Mary Chain <3 so nice to know what people still find inspiration from them :>

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