Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky Day

Yeah, I know, my last post was just after Halloween... this is bad. I really haven't been feeling blogging lately to be honest, and I'm not going to force crappy, uninspired posts on you guys sooooo I just didn't post for a month.
Anyways, while I get myself together and gather up some decent material to post, I just wanted to remind y'all that I still have some stuff left for sale! A few items from my closet sale were sold, but there some items left. PLUS I decided I'm ready to part with my infamous Sam Edelman 6inchers ... yep, THOSE boots.

They are amazing but I just never wear them, and I still see them on eBay and I know there are people still trying to get their hands on a pair.

I've reduced the prices on ALL the items, so take a look and email me if you have any questions. 'Tiss the season for buying!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm gunna be a supermodel

It's November 1st, so here's the enevitable "what I wore on Halloween" post. Y'all knew it was coming. As with most people's Halloween costumes, mine came together at the last minute. My first idea came to be about a month ago... well, maybe I'll just show you before I go any furthur...
I had the idea to be Cher from Clueless, but after many thrift store rummaging and eBay searching it was looking pretty impossible to find a yellow plaid skirt and matching blazer (it HAD to be that outfit). Then one day, after searching a new combonation of "plaid" "jacket" "skirt" "yellow" etc on eBay I FINALLY found something that just might work. I ordered it in a heartbeat barely skimming the description, and when I got it in the mail I realized it was waaaaaay too small! My mom and I figured we could add some fabric inserts from the scrap cloth left after shortening the skirt, and it turned out perfectly! So happy it all came together!
Suit - eBay, cardigan - thrifted, shoes - thrifted, socks and tshirt from my closet.
As you can see, I even had the furry backpack!Whipped it up out of a stuffed animal lamb, the poor thing! Whatever, a costume this good must require animal sacrifice.

So through all this stressing about whether or not I'd be able to find a plaid suit for my Cher costume, I decided to put together a backup look just incase it didn't work out. I wanted to be able to use my blonde hair to it's fullest... so who is someone blonde, recognizable, and someone I love and use every chance I get to dress like her? I think you know where I'm going with this:
I loved that this costume cost next to nothing. All I did was buy a very long (and cheap) wig and cut it in half, and attach the two chunks of wig to my real hair. I had a fake bang I bought on eBay way back when I had brown hair still, so I just took it and dyed it black (search wig dying on google, super easy technique!). I made the skirt in about 15 minutes out of an old dance costume, cut the crotch and feet out of a pair of tights as my top, and threw on my stipper boots and out the door I went! (Warning: major boobage below!)
And of course, I had to create a good set of falsies for the occasion.
There you have it, my Halloween looks. My favourite part of Halloween is seeing everyone's original costume ideas, and I want to hear about all of yours! Tell me what you were, I'd love to know!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I want you to notice when I'm not around

It's that time again. Time for an iPhone outfit shot post! Also known as an I have nothing better to blog about so here are some grainy pictures of me with messy rooms and vaccum cleaners in the background... post. I hope you guys like these because I happen to like them a lot.
This is where blogging gets REAL. And by that I mean minimal makeup, tired eyes, just spent the whole day studying and errand running REAL. I mean, I read blogs to get a more personal take on style so I like them to be imperfect. Then again I also love magazines for their glossy fakeness and fantasy. So many "big blogs" out there tend to get their popularity from their over-polished, designer sporting quality. Which is totally FINE (I do like these blogs too!) but for me it kind of defeats the purpose of blogs as an honest diary-type outlet, as well as a medium where all types of people and styles can be represented. A lot of people stick up their noses at blogs that don't have ultra proffesional or perfect pictures... but, I mean, not all of us are trying to be photographers! That's what blogs are for! It's a place where people can showcase their style without HAVING to be proffesional if they don't want to be... I dunno, maybe it's just me who feels this way.
Back to clothes. So here's what I've been wearing lately:
outfit3Outfit is all thrifted
I realized I've been wearing a lot of (and by that I mean, like, 6 days a week) button up shirts for fall. I'm getting a bit obsessed.
outfit1 Very old Urban Outfitters moto jacket, H&M tie up shirt, thifted circle skirt, Urban outfitters stiped tights, H&M booties.
I love these tights, and although making them look not so witchy isn't always easy I think I pulled it off pretty well here. If you're wondering how much fashion acceptance there is here in Winnipeg, let's just say this outfit got multiple stares at the grocery store. I know, I don't get it either. outfit2
DIY studded vest, thirfted 90's mini, thigh high socks from God knows where, thifted creepers.
Found this spotty mini dress at VV on half off day and I couldn't resist. I felt like a teenager again in this outfit, and I gotta say I kind of loved it.
Shout out to my favourite style bloggers who are keeping it REAL, my girls Marlena, Selina, Isabel, Elizabeth, and Gem just to name a few. Here's to seeing more real girls and guys in the blogosphere!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As she takes on half the world

I wasn't really planning on posting today but there's just something I'm way too excited about not too share. I know eeeeeeeverybody and their Grandma has one, but now I too have my very own Zana Bayne harness!!!!!!
Yeah that's right, so excited I didn't even get a chance to put on makeup or set up a proper camera before taking a million webcam pictures. I haven't bought a new leather item --no shoes, jackets, accesories, ANYTHING-- in about 3 years (if you read my food blog, you'll know I'm a strict vegetarian) so you know it's something special when I break my leather ban. Zana's pieces are handmade, well constructed, and just so special... so I feel it's a justified purchase.
I opted for the necklace version, in raw leather. I mean, I plan on getting milage out of this thing, and the fact that it qualifies as jewelry means this bad boy doubles as clubwear AND casual attire. Can't wait to wear it around campus!

I never post music but I'm just really feeling this song, and of course the outfits and hair are to die for. It's so me today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Middle of nowhere

I love how different this outfit is from the last post just two weeks ago. Cutoff shorts and jelly sandals are now securely tucked away untill next summer as now we're fully entering fall mode, back to school vibes and all. Uni started Thursday of last week, but let's just call this my back to school outfit that I wore the 3rd day into classes (gotta ease into it, right?).

Sweatshirt - Aritzia, collared shirt - old from Le Chateau, assorted necklaced, H&M jeans, thrifted creepers.
It's kind of funny I didn't even realize I was wearing an all-black outfit untill about the middle of the day. I guess I'm just immune to my own darkness (wow that would be an awesome song title, hehe).
I kept the sweatshirt on all day over the collared one for obvious reasons (cold, visible bra, wrinkly, etc), but I just wanted to show this shirt for a second. I've been looking for a sleeveless collared shirt for a while with no luck, so to tie me over untill I find one I took an old shirt I don't wear and cut off the sleeves. This is the closest thing to a DIY I've done in months, I don't know what's wrong with me!
Even if my DIYs are lacking creativity, you know you can always rely on my nails to get a little freaky. My latest creation involves painting half the nail with a black crackle polish, then painting over the tips with a solid colour to get this piecey gradient effect. PLUS since your using a cracle polish then painting over it you get this cool texture on the tips of your nails in contrast to the smooth shiny polish it fades into.
I think these nails would look so good for Halloween too, with a red, orange, or even white base underneath! Speaking of Halloween, is anyone else starting to panic about not having costume ideas??

Oh, and you may have noticed something new in my outfit photos. My new vanity!
In my room I have a desk that I usually have all my makeup and things on, but it gets really cluttered with junk and I want to actually be able to work on it. So for my end-of-summer goal I wanted to find a vanity, which turned into a mission to create a full-fledged dressing mirror complete with lights all around! I've always wanted to have a mirror like this, and after some searching around online I realized I could make one just by wiring two bathroom light strips together and putting a mirror in the middle! I found the little table on a lucky hunt at Goodwill and scored it for less than $20! I painted it and attached some new handles and it's as good as new. Lastly, I found the little chair at an antique store for just $25! I think it all came together perfectly I am just in love with it.
Warning: I've become obsessed with taking pictures of myself in the lighted mirror (proof via my instagram)... just to warn you!

Note to self: get roots done